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This database includes the ancestors and children in the families of Nancy Pittwood, my daughter Kathleen and myself, Joseph Brown. In our research we try to document each and every person we discover before we list them in our tree. This is not always possible, but we try.

We have included notes and source material and we do have extensive and detailed notes and sources for many individuals in the database.

We have included many photos of the individuals. Several of them are not top quality, but they are all we have. If any of "our Cousins" have better pictures we would be greatful for any you can email us to use.

While both my second wife, Clara, and I were Brown's before our marriage, there are no common ancestors as far back as we have traced., We hope this will not cause any confusion.

In any genealogy there are bound to be errors. We know there could be, and probably are, many in what we present here. Please, do not hesitate to e-mail us with any tie ins or corrections.

Thank you,

Joseh Brown

NOTCE> All the data and information on this site is free for use by those researching THEIR FAMILY. No part of or the whole of any of the data presented here can be used by any other person or entity in any form or for any Web site in any format (printed or electronic) or media (paper, disks reproductions or transmissions) that charge for its use in any manner without express permission from Joseph Brown.

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