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First four Photos - the town of Eldorendo was named after Eldorendo Virginia (Higgs) Brown. She was named the postmistress of the town, named by the U S Post Office. The Town was never incorporated.
The Newton County Courthouse in Covington, Newton County, Georgia . A large number of the Hendersons, others and their ancestors were born and raised there. Notably, Eldorendo Virginia Higgs. The two Homes shown were both built in the first half of the 1800's and were lived in by the owners, John Harris in Whitehall and Robert Henderson in Swanscombe. They are located in Covington.
The photos of Portland, Oregon were taken in the 1920's. One of the authors, Joseph Brown was born in Portland, Oregon in 1928. It was very conservitive at that time. My how times have changed


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