From Revolutionary War Through The Civil War

We give as much as we know from the records and stories related.

Revolutionary War

Revolutionary War

1776 - 1783

Henderson, Purnell: Served in the military - U S Army - 1776-1781 in Maryland during the War for Independence. Corporal, 6th Company, 3rd Regiment of Maryland.(1)

Bridges, James: Served in the military - Spy - 1775-1783 as a Spy for Washinton's forces in Military Hillsboro District, North Carolina(1)

War of 1812

War Of 1812

1812 - 1815

Brown, Benjamin G: Served in the military - U S Army - 23 August 1813 - 10 October 1814 as a Private. Served under Captain E D King and Captain Thomas Dawson. Also served under Captain Huddleston for 2 months in 1817 in Indian War.

Appomattox Courthouse

Civil War

1861 - 1865



Brown, Benjamin F: Served in the CSA Army. 1861 - 1865

Burke, Thomas J: Served in CSA Army in 1862. Private,Company D, 15 Alabama Infantry. Killed at Cold Harbor, Richmond Co., Virginia on 27 June 1862

Harris, John P: Served in the CSA Army 1862-1865. Newton Anderson Guards, Company "E", 53 Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry

Henderson, Robert: Served in the CSA Army 1962-1965. Commissioned as Colonal in 1862. In battles of Champion's Hill and Vicksburg. Was wounded in Battle of Resaca. During the Carolina's Campaign led a charge at the Battle of Bentonville where he was promoted to Brigadier General. The CSA was crumbling so his commission was never approved but was attested to by his Commanders.

Henderson, John: Served in the CSA Army 1861-1865. Rose to rank of Colonel, Sixth Georgia Infantry Regiment(61)

Jones, George: Served in the CSA Army 1861-1867. Was a Captain.(153)

McCormich, James: Served in the CSA Army.1861 - 1865

Pounders, Alfred Served in the CSA Army. In 26th Arkansas Infantry, Company "E". The family story is Alfred and 2 sons were killed in War. His date of death was 20 April 1863

Scoggins, Joseph Warren: Served in the CSA Army. Wounded in battle.


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