Benjamin Franklin Brown - 3rd Generation

ancestor Born: May, 1843 In: Alabama(89)
Died: 1920 In: City State, Country(90)


Married Laura Ella Eppes on 1871 according to the 1900 Census.
She was the daughter of John Wayles Eppes and Selecta Caroline Bonner

Benjamin Franklin Brown sources(87) (88)

He settled in Lake Providence, Louisiana.

In a letter written by Percy N Brown he speaks of his mothers name as "Epps" but I received information that it was spelled "Eppes" so that is the way I will use it here. In addition an "e" had been added to the end of the Brown name making it "Browne". For the children of Benjamin Franklin Brown and their decendents it will be spelled with the "e".

Benjamin's Military

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