Frances Mae Brown - 3rd Generation

ancestor Born: 13 Mar 1823 In: City, State, Country(24)
Died: 9 Feb 1909 In: City State, Country(25)


Married Solomon Burke on (Date) at (location)(27)
Solomon Burke(28)(29) was born about 1807. He died on 30 Aug 1871.

On Headstone:
"With thee the light of time has flown, As night succeeds the setting sun, so all my soul in sadness lies; Sleep with my son with thine own boy, Till we shall meet in sacred joy."

After his death she Married: Alfred George. (35)

Frances Mae "Fannie" Brown Sources(23)

As far as we know everyone called her "Fannie". On her grave was inscribed "Frances". It is unknown whether she adopted the name "Frances" or was christened with it. Since it is on her headstone I have called her Frances.

U S Census of:
1870 shows living in Barbour County, Alabama

Purchased land in Barbour Co., Alabama in 1853.

Solomon & Frances's son, Thomas J Burke(31) (32) was born about 1844.
Military: CSA

He died on 27 Jun 1862 in Richmond, Richmond Co., Virginia.(33)

On Headstone:

Thomas J. Burke.
Killed on the battlefield
near Richmond, Virginia
June 27, 1862
Aged 18 Years.

"Sleep on my noble boy, now sleep. No cannons roar, nor war gun here. Eternal guards securely keep, Thy loveliness from harm or fear."

When the war between the States began his father, Solomon Burke, went off to fight for the Confederates. "T. J.", as he was called, ran off to join his father. He was killed in a battle near Richmond, Virginia in 1862. Many in the family believed that his father, Solomon, was also killed but the date of his death in 1871 belies that. After his father died, his mother "Fannie" commissioned a firm in Montgomery, Alabama to erect a monument to them. It is very beautiful, made of white marble standing some 15 to 20 feet tall at the site of their graves in Spring Hill, Barbour Co., Alabama. It has inscriptions honoring them both. "Fannie" remarried but upon her death she was laid to rest alongside the two of them.

"Fannie" was Inturned at: (26)
Solomon was Inturned at: (30)
Thomas was Inturned at: (34)

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